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Steve Shoop

Eliminate oil and coal usage by 2050?
You must mean, learn to live with out oil and coal by 2050. In the next few decades supply's of oil and coal will not be able to keep up with mans growth.

At best we are on a mathematically provable, unsustainable course. That in fact makes global warming and the pollution problems look like a mild snow storm in march.

I spent years, starting in 1968, being concerned about pollution and global warming. When after taking a look at the big picture. We do not have enough fossil fuel to cause any permanent damage...

The big ouch comes when not if we run out of fossil fuels.

Prof. Albert Bartlett has about the best explanation I've seen so far. So if it's fact's and undeniable proof you seek.

Check this out, Dr.Bartlett is years ahead of you.

Prof. Albert Bartlett- http://www.albartlett.org


one-hour lecture, "Arithmetic, Population and Energy: Sustainability 101"

The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See


More information.
Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis
by Prof. Al Bartlett
1978 with 1998 overview

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