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I have a novel idea. Consume Less.


Amory Lovins made the prediction and recommendation in foreign Affairs in 1976 to reduce energy usage. It did not happen. US energy usage went up from 75 quadrillion BTU up to 105 quadrillion BTU. China and India and other countries are clearly doing to use more energy and resources. Consume less is an unrealistic idea that will not happen other than on a spotty basis or for temporary dips. Plans must be made that are realistic and consistent with human behavior.

This is just like relationships. You can plan to change or mold your partner. you will be disappointed and ruin your relationship as your partner does not change. the relationship advice is to accept that certain things will not change.

Your suggestion is not just to fundamentally change one person but the fundamental behavior of almost all people.


Al Gore has a house 20 times larger than average and he flys around in a personal jet.

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The reason for this is because all alternative energy is dependent on weather conditions so you can't just 1 for 1 replace traditional sources of energy because you need a backup for alternative energy when it's cloudy or the wind is calm.

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