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If we divide energy use into two large camps, terrestrial and mobile (vehicular, not wireless ! ), then Lovins' objective to reduce oil and gas consumption by engineering more efficient, lighter-weight vehicles is certainly on target.

However, transportation itself is of several varieties: individual, freight, and aviation. We would be well advised to focus usage of hydrocarbon fuels for aviation -- planes can not fly on electricity -- they need the propulsion provided by burning hydrocarbons.

Individuals can be moved in urban areas by electrical or electrcally-supplemented vehicles, and rail transport is certainly amenable to be powered by terrestrial electricity. Transport of freight by trucking, however, will also need portable power, and natural gas -- which is relatively plentiful in the North American continent -- is a much better source than foreign oil.

But Lovins appears to miss the boat by not factoring in nuclear generation of terrestrial electricity as an efficient source of the increased demand on electrical power which will definitely accompany the move away from foreign oil.

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